Cognitive Behavioral Coach

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is the most widely used psychotherapeutic approach to treat mental health issues. Although traditionally, it’s done in person within an office setting, more and more individuals have preferred online therapy sessions recently. Therefore, keeping our clients’ preferences in mind, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy online at BK Therapy Services.

Our professional coaches provide guidance and support for a pre-determined number of sessions. Other than that, we’re available for contact via email and call to assist you in tackling your problems.

Conditions Cognitive Health Solutions Can Solve.

CBT has been known to provide satisfying results for several mental and physical health conditions. While more studies are underway for its effectiveness, some mental health conditions with a high cure rate with CBT include anxiety, panic disorders, depression, OCD, PTSD, and ADHD.

Besides that, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven itself helpful for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

CBT is flexible when treating fear of public speaking, self-esteem issues, and more. So, no matter your unique circumstances, you can trust a cognitive behavioral coach to help you with them online.

How Does Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help?

The common belief is that external stimuli, such as people, situations, and events, shape our feelings and behaviors. CBT focuses on the idea that your thoughts influence your thoughts and behaviors. That means how you perceive things plays a significant role.

CBT translates to cognitive, meaning your thoughts and anything to do with the mind’s functionality, like thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering. On the other hand, behavior relates to the response to stimuli, like what we do and what we don’t.

 Online CBT therapy follows a systemic desensitization process where you discuss your condition with a qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coach. The coach will help you learn relaxation techniques and coping mechanisms to reframe your mind. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy online helps in several ways. Some of them include:

By Helping You Identify & Challenge Specific Problems.

You might not always recognize the stimuli behind your behaviors. Online CBT therapy helps you identify the root cause before providing the tools and techniques to tackle the problems.

Remember that, unlike other talk therapies where the patient talks freely, CBT follows a structured approach, focusing on what’s happening in your life. Ultimately, it moves you toward controlling the situation instead of the other way around.


By Teaching You to Think Differently.

Depression, anxiety, and phobias all have one thing in common: they make an individual think negatively. These thoughts arise automatically, even when you face stimuli that evoke positive responses. A certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coach can teach you to think differently while seeing how your negative patterns affect your feelings and actions.

The sessions also include helping you record your thoughts and look at them realistically. With our tools, you can look at your problems differently and think about solving them yourself under specialized guidance,

By Assisting You in Unlearning Certain Reactions.

You’re prone to reacting to things. Your reactions are automatic and formed from a chain of learning patterns. Our cognitive behavioral solutions can help you unlearn unwanted reactions and lead you toward a new way of reacting.

This includes responding to positive experiences appropriately while understanding negative situations better to mold your responses.

By Guiding You with Hands-On Tools.

Our qualified online CBT therapists focus on providing the reading material and practical guides to help you heal. This includes guiding you with creating worksheets, activity plans, and journals.

All these constitute the basics to ensure CBT’s success. But most importantly, using hands-on tools will help you overcome problems under the guidance of a professional.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has led to long-term and positive results for our clients. The most common reason for its high success rate is its forward approach to helping people understand how and why they’re doing well and knowing what to do to continue.

Book Your Online CBT Therapy Session.

Online CBT therapy is similar to in-person therapy because it follows the same principles and techniques. However, when done online, it provides a sense of comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Therefore, it’s most beneficial for individuals who live in remote areas and cannot travel long distances. Moreover, the cost of Cognitive Behavioral therapy online is comparatively lower than physical sessions.

When you book a session with BK Therapy Services, we’ll provide you with the best cognitive behavioral solutions customized to your unique situation.

We offer online sessions over phone calls, video chats, texts, or any other medium you’re comfortable with. Our core objective is to guide and support you in your healing journey without adding any burden of socializing.

Lastly, we have licensed, certified, and experienced CBT therapists who offer solutions to meet diverse requirements. Ultimately, you can receive the best care whenever you need it the most.