Individual Therapy

Sometimes emotions get the best of you.

Events in your life may have increased feelings of anxiety and depression. Those feelings are like carrying around 50 pounds, weighing on you not physically but mentally. As a result, you struggle with seeing the future as anything but bleak.

Sometimes, you become overwhelmed with emotions – anxious, sad, lonely, uncertain – and unsure of how to navigate these emotions. You reflect upon past events and recall that you used to be able to manage your emotions more effectively. What happened?

Expressing your thoughts and emotions to family and friends is not an option because some things are best left unsaid between those you know. If the dynamic changes in the relationship, things shared can come back not as you intended.

Now, you feel alone with those rampaging emotions.

Life has a way of becoming complicated.

You begin to ask, “What has changed in my life?”

Managing stress like you used to do is now unmanageable. Work, husband, children, parents, friends, aging, or illness – you name it. They all can create overwhelming stress. The weird thing is that all these issues were once easy to manage.

Perhaps, you want to make some changes in your life, whether they be related to friendships, relationships, challenges, choices, or other issues that are hard to address without help.

Another possibility is that you want to understand yourself better and gain some self-esteem and self-confidence, but you don’t know where to start.

Please know that you are not alone.

Individual therapy offers one-on-one interaction with someone who focuses on you and your concerns.

By working with a therapist, you gain support as you identify and work through those nagging problems.

Working with an individual therapist allows you to be open and honest with your commitment to seek change.

There is no judgment, accusations, or misunderstandings. The therapist is there to listen, understand, encourage, and help you find and use the tools to overcome those emotions and find solutions.

Reaching out for therapy can be life-changing.

At BK Therapy Services, you will experience a safe and inviting environment to begin working on your goals.

We will help you identify and address your challenges and live a more contented life.

Contact us today! We have the expertise and concern to help you meet those challenges in life. There is no reason to go this alone.