Online Counseling

In-person counseling is not the only game in town.

Online therapy has gained popularity over the last couple of years for so many reasons.

Working online with a counselor is convenient. Because we conduct all sessions from the comfort of your home or some other place, you don’t need to worry about driving to your counselor, getting stuck in traffic, risking the chance of being lost by directions, or being late for your appointment.

Comfort is another benefit. There is something to be said about being in the comfort of your home and feeling free to attend the session in comfortable loungewear if you choose. Your pets are welcome, too!

All sessions begin at the scheduled appointment times. If you need to cancel, a 24-hour advance notice is a requirement. We hope that you feel a warm and inviting presence during sessions.

Requirements are minimal and safe.

Online therapy requires the use of video technology. Therefore, you will need a computer, iPhone or some other cellphone, or laptop that allows for video and audio.

The connection needs access to high-speed Internet.

Please find a private space free from interruptions when selecting a place for your session.

Our conversations will occur via a HIPPA-compliant connection that allows for privacy.

Online therapy is still therapy.

Research has shown that online therapy is as beneficial as in-person therapy for most issues.

Like in-person therapy, online sessions are 50 minutes. The same requirements for processing your emotions are true for online counseling as in-person. The more you put into sessions, the more you will benefit from therapy.

The length of our time together will depend on what you want to achieve and how hard you want to work.

Overall, making a good connection with your therapist is an essential step on your journey that leads to change.

With gratitude.

We want to extend our thankfulness to you for deciding to begin therapy.

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