Self-Esteem and Boundaries

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How you think about yourself makes all the difference in shaping your opinion about life. And while no one wants to feel low about themselves, sometimes life hurls you that way. Often, the very friends and family you love criticize you too much. This can bring you toward a negative spiral and dealing with low self-esteem.

If that sounds like you, trust BK Therapy Services’ self-esteem therapist to help you improve your sense of self.

Signs You Need Counseling for Self Esteem.

Being critical of yourself is natural. However, when self-criticism becomes too much, or you find yourself trapped in a negative trail of thoughts, you may be dealing with low self-esteem.

For example, you may say negative things about yourself too often. Joking about yourself to others can also feel normal. In severe cases, you can all but forget about the achievements and dwell on the negative aspects.

The underlying causes often erupt from others’ perceptions of us. However, you must remember that what others think can only matter if you give their opinion undue importance. Besides, you don’t need outside validation to feel worthy in the real world. And we’re here to tell you that.

BK Therapy Services has experienced low self-esteem therapists who offer self-counseling to assist you in challenging situations. However, we understand that changing the negative pattern of thoughts isn’t easy. And that’s why we take it one at a time to move you forward in life.

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How Does a Low Self Esteem Therapist Help.

If left untreated, low self-esteem can lead to anxiety and depression. That’s why counseling for self-esteem is crucial to turn the situation in your favor. Here’s how a self-esteem therapist can help you:

Identifying and Understanding the Source.

Understanding the root cause of why you feel the way you feel is significant. You might not realize it, but there’s always an underlying cause, and a counselor can help you identify it.

By working with a low self-esteem therapist, you can make sense of the sources of your insecurities and how they impact your life. The therapist might also ask you to open up about situations you feel at your best and worst to recognize patterns that need working.

Processing Past Negative Experiences Safely.

Negative experiences can make you feel you don’t deserve to be treated better. A self-counseling session with a self-esteem therapist can help you think otherwise.

We provide a safe and secure environment where you can share past horrors without fearing judgment. After that, we lead you toward the understanding that you had nothing to do with the experiences and that you don’t deserve to dwell in them.

Learning to Recognize Critical Voices.

Most individuals with low self-esteem don’t realize it, but they often mirror others’ voices. It happens unconsciously, but you begin to regard yourself negatively and speak badly about yourself to others. These thoughts erupt from an insecure mind and a weary heart.

It’s a self-esteem therapist’s job to assist you in recognizing others’ voices that you adopted as your own. Besides that, self-esteem therapy can help you trust your voice and eliminate the stinking thinking that has nothing to do with reality. Eventually, it can lead you to be kind to yourself, practice self-compassion, and feel confident.

Notice All-or-Nothing Thinking Patterns.

Contrary to popular belief, things aren’t always black and white. Instead, there’s always a possibility of gray in between everything. With counseling for self-esteem, you can learn to notice the all-or-nothing thinking patterns and be mindful of them for better management.

Moreover, you can know how to set boundaries, stand up for yourself, and protect your wants and needs. When you start noticing what triggers your all-or-nothing approach, you can manage them as they surface. This becomes easier with every self-counseling session you take.

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Boosting your self-esteem means you can finally be where you’re supposed to be. Whether you’ve always been low in self-esteem or have gradually begun feeling negative about yourself, we’re here to help you feel better.

It’s not an overnight process, so we don’t expect you to change after a single session. Instead, we help you identify the negative thought patterns one step at a time. Eventually, you can learn to control the negativity while acknowledging your goodness.

We can also assist you in finding the source of the negative beliefs – whether they come from a partner, family, friends, or work colleagues.

We advise our clients about life’s beauty and all it offers. Likewise, we tell you this: life is too short to dwell in negativity and ignore the positivity. So, take the first step toward living your life on your terms. Book your online low self-esteem counseling now, and we’ll assign a self-esteem therapist for you.