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Overwhelming stress, fear, and worry can cripple your thoughts and daily life. Often, it gets so worse that even the simple act of getting out of bed feels too much. This happens because your mind and body continue responding to the trauma that has long been over. And yet, you don’t have to suffer alone. Instead, you can rely on our trauma therapist online to help you regain control.

At BK Therapy Services, we offer clients online therapy sessions where they can talk about unpleasant past experiences without judgment.

We understand it’s not always easy to move on, but not when you get online trauma therapy from a qualified trauma therapist.

Signs & Symptoms of Trauma.

Whether you’re suffering from childhood trauma, Post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD), or any other form of trauma, it’s crucial to detect the signs to address the issues. For example, you may experience several adverse effects. These effects can be in the form of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, or physical symptoms.

Individuals may show emotional signs of excessive anxiety, fear, sadness, hopelessness, numbness, guilt, anger, mood swings, or irritability. Cognitive effects include shock, denial, confusion, nightmares, flashbacks, or difficulty concentrating.

Some individuals display behavioral changes like substance abuse, sleeping too much or sleep withdrawal, excessive eating or vomiting, and even withdrawing from loved ones.

Physical signs and symptoms include sweating, trembling, muscle aches, exhaustion, fast heartbeat, and unexplained pain in the body.

It’s essential to differentiate between anxiety and post-traumatic stress. In the former, you may briefly experience some of the symptoms mentioned above. However, in the latter, symptoms continue without any improvement.

In such times, it’s best to book online PTSD therapy to understand the triggers and move toward recovery.

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How Can Online Trauma Therapy Help.

You might have questions like ‘Is PTSD therapy online right for me’ or ‘How does an online trauma therapist help’? The reality is that trauma therapy online has assisted several clients in feeling empowered and positive. Here are a few ways you can expect a trauma therapist online to help you heal:

Focusing on Self-Care.

It’s understandable to neglect caring about yourself with severe traumatic stresses binding you. Only a qualified online trauma therapist can help you focus on self-care.

During your sessions, the therapist will teach you coping strategies to practice self-care. This can range from providing tips to getting adequate sleep, eating properly, exercising frequently, and prioritizing relaxation.

Connecting with Supportive People.

You might find yourself isolating or avoiding socializing with people. It’s understandable, but continuing this way can prevent healing. That’s why online trauma therapy aims to help you connect with people you love.

Connecting with people you love is vital in healing while offering comfort. For example, you can make time to socialize by prioritizing your friends and family over other things. Or, you can arrange plans to meet outside work with colleagues.

Interrupting Negative Patterns.

Negative thoughts and anxious feelings can be a deterrent to helping you get better. Trauma therapy online offers tips to disrupt negative thoughts from arising. For example, you can go for a walk, talk to a loved one, listen to music, or watch your favorite TV show.

Your therapist will also work with you to identify what you love doing in your free time. This will help you distract yourself from negativity.

Avoiding Self-Medication.

It’s common to misuse drugs or consume alcohol. The prevailing thought is that it helps drown the unpleasant feelings and forget what happened in the past. However, trying to numb your feelings and experiences with substance abuse or self-medication can have adverse effects. For instance, you may harm your physical or mental health.

The signs may not appear immediately, but they can interfere with your path to recovery.

An online trauma therapy session can guide you toward healing at your pace. And our certified online trauma therapists use different techniques to treat your condition. Some treatment modalities we use include CBT, EMDR, CPT, etc.

Book an Online Session for Trauma Therapy.

At BK Therapy Services, we’re all about making clients feel comfortable during their sessions. Therefore, know that you’re not the one to be blamed for what happened. And since we’re operational online, we provide a safe connection to communicate your experiences and feelings over a phone call.

The initial consultation involves a get-to-know session, during which our online trauma therapist tries to understand how trauma has affected your life. Rest assured that you won’t be expected to relate certain aspects that trigger negative responses. Instead, we’ll take it one at a time until you’re ready to unfold everything.

You can also choose online trauma therapy without going too deep into the details, and we’ll still find a way to relieve you of the past horrors. Above everything, we tend to be the listening ears and supporting shoulders you can trust.