Depression can feel overwhelming – mentally and physically.

Alice* has felt down in the dumps for the last two weeks and is unsure how to snap out of this mood.

There was this sense of overwhelming sadness and helplessness. Nothing seemed to interest her, and now, she felt restless and unable to sleep. She fell behind in her job duties and was at the end of her rope.

Depression can creep up before you even realize what is happening.

Depression can feel both mentally and physically exhausting. It can significantly affect your sleeping and eating habits as well as interfere with your ability to enjoy doing the things you once did.

When you feel depressed, you can feel lonely and doubt your self-worth. Motivating yourself again is difficult.

There are varying degrees of depression, and it is best to take a proactive approach when you realize that you just don’t seem like “yourself.”

Not making it on her own.

Alice tried various techniques, but she had reached a point where she still felt like she needed to seek help.

Not only was depression impacting her job, but it also affected her home life. Alice’s husband was tired of picking up her slack with the household responsibilities. She also had abandoned much of her childcare responsibilities, too. He let Alice know things needed to change, or he was going to leave her.

That was a wake-up call.

When Alice came to us, she indicated that her family and friends advised that she needed professional help. She didn’t want to lose those she loved the most.

We worked with Alice to determine the source of her depression. Then, Alice learned to manage events in her life that tend to bring about her feelings of depression.

Alice took the advice from her family and friends, and she is glad that she did.

If your life is not fulfilling and you find yourself without interest in doing your normal responsibilities, perhaps you need to get professional assistance, too.

We would be pleased to help you find your way back to a bright future.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.