Self-Esteem and Boundaries

Low self-esteem usually has an underlying cause.

There is this voice in your head that you can’t seem to hush. That voice keeps you from learning to love yourself, and it’s hard for you to think you are worthy. Every day gets worse and worse.

Those you love and care about treat you poorly, and it’s hard to feel worthy when they bombard you with criticism. No wonder you don’t feel good about yourself. But at this point, you are tired of putting others first. You have lost your path along the way.

Establishing the right relationship is not easy for you. Setting boundaries with those you love is challenging when they don’t respect those boundaries. They belittle you by telling you that you are rude or inconsiderate, or they have stopped talking with you. At this point, your circle of friends is in jeopardy of shrinking – making you feel vulnerable.

Hostility toward others and situations is becoming an issue for you, primarily because you feel tired of the constant demands and criticisms. Your social issues worry you night and day.

The above scenarios are symptomatic of low self-esteem.

Dealing with issues that threaten your self-esteem is where therapy can help.

Overcoming low self-esteem requires establishing a positive mindset while learning to set boundaries in relationships, changing behaviors in response to criticism and stress, kicking out that negative voice in your head, and overcoming situations that threaten your self-esteem.

Gaining self-esteem requires an evaluation of events in your life that have impacted the way you think. This self-evaluation allows you to learn ways to overcome “stinking thinking.”

Therapy can help you identify negative situations and make the changes to help you move forward with confidence.

Georgina* feels like a failure.

Georgina expressed feeling discouraged with the lack of focus her life had taken. All her friends had promising careers, yet she had to drop out of school to raise her family. She expressed feeling angry and resentful that her life is so different, and now she feels stuck.

Georgina was quite critical of herself, and she was unsure how to improve her quality of life.

“Others have their lives together and have things figured out. Why can’t I?”

We worked together with Georgina to discover why she had low self-esteem. In her case, it started when she was young. Her parents always demanded more and failed to praise her for her accomplishments no matter what she did.

Georgina learned how to deal with those negative beliefs and move past them. Now, she has the confidence to move on with her life as she meets challenges and sets boundaries with those who threaten her self-esteem.

Let’s plant the seed of change in your life.

We will tell you that you are “worthy.” We are here to help you recognize your beautiful characters and attributes.

Through therapy, you can learn to love yourself either for the first time or again.

You can learn to be more aware of the source of negative beliefs that rob you of your self-esteem, whether they come from a partner, family experiences, friends, or colleagues at work. As a result, you can learn to interpret and challenge negative thoughts from that discouraging voice inside you.

Therapy helped Georgina, and it can help you. We can work together to help you rekindle your self-esteem and set appropriate boundaries. Let’s get to work! Life is too short to let that negative voice get the best of you.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.