Life Transitions

Life has a way of knocking you off balance.

Change can catch us off guard and make us feel so vulnerable. Whether planned or unexpected, our reaction may not be what we anticipate.

Sometimes, so many changes are happening at such a quick pace. We brush it off, thinking that life happens and we need to keep moving forward.

But it’s hard to move forward when something stands in the way. Then, we feel stuck, unable to keep going.

Before we know it, we recognize that we need to seek help as it has started to interfere with our daily routines.

Not all transitions in life are positive.

Some transitions cause us to have no more patience, making us feel agitated and on edge.

Sometimes, life doesn’t seem fair. When being passed up for that promotion at work, it’s hard to cope after working so hard.

Life has been so busy that you never stopped to smell the flowers. Your husband has left, and you are unsure where things turned terrible so quickly.

You receive a call from your sister that your mother passed away, and you are in shock – so many thoughts begin racing through your mind, or your mind has gone blank, and you are in disbelief. You suddenly regret prioritizing work over spending more time with your mother.

Navigating life after retirement is not easy.

After retiring, you begin to miss what your life used to look like and long to find a purpose again.

Each day starts with you getting a late start and finding yourself bored with nothing to do.

Work was an essential part of your life. You no longer see your colleagues, your children may be gone, or you live alone.

Having someone to talk to can help you navigate the next steps after retirement.

The right help makes dealing with transitions easier.

BK Therapy Services is here to help you deal with these unexpected and expected transitions.

Whether it be a change in the workplace, your home life, or the loss of a loved one, we are here to listen to you.

Our role is to take this journey with you, allowing you to express your concerns. We will provide advice and help as you develop a plan for what stands in your way.

We are on YOUR side during this time in life.

Contact us today, so we can make this transition easier.