Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness

Consider these questions.

Are you struggling with chronic pain or chronic illness?

Do you feel that the pain has affected all areas of your life and your relationships?

Chronic pain has more than a physical cause.

Maxine* is married with three children and has a somewhat supportive husband. She recently received a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder, which now limits her ability to keep up with all the family outings.

Hiking and kayaking are tiresome and painful for her now. Her spirits are low, and she started to feel torn between engaging in the family activities, only to spend a couple of days in bed recouping afterward, or not engaging in the family activities that she loves.

Maxine’s world changed from that diagnosis, which has impacted her health, marriage, and children’s lives. As a result, she recognized the need for help working through her emotions and guilt.

Doing nothing is not worth the cost.

Taking the next step and seeking therapy is a tough decision. The thought seems scary even though you have contemplated reaching out many times.

You sometimes feel like you don’t have the energy for one more appointment. But the cost of doing nothing creates more anxiety, and you feel the burden getting heavier.

You value the relationships in your life, and you know you need to move forward.

BK Therapy Services can help you move forward.

When Maxine came to us, we worked to identify the various components of the pain she felt, not all of which had a physical explanation.

Then, she learned to manage her pain and overcome her feelings of guilt for the changes in her life.

Her openness and tenacious attitude allowed Maxine to reach her goals, and she gained a positive mindset and perspective.

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*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.