Anxiety is not always a passing response to stress.

Thomas* felt overwhelmed and defeated in life, and he knew it was time for a change. His anxiety significantly impacted his life and his interactions with others. He worried about what others thought of him and if they would not like him if he said the wrong thing.

He has felt more anxious lately and knows that he has reached a crossroads in his life. He can keep doing what he is doing, which is not working, or reach out for help to manage his anxiety. Along the way, he also feels as though he has lost his way.

Those feelings caused Thomas to wonder. “How can I become more confident in my abilities and learn to accept myself? Why do I care so much about what other people think of me?

Thomas decided to book an appointment with us to learn how to manage his anxieties and regain his confidence when interacting with others.

Anxiety impacts every aspect of your life.

Some anxiety can be normal and provide protection; however, too much anxiety can significantly interfere with our daily lives.

The cognitive and physical aspects of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. Persistent worry and fear can consume more and more of your time, and sometimes it feels as though you struggle to turn your brain off.

Being a perfectionist causes you to get behind on your daily tasks. You are tired, experience migraines and stomachaches, and feel restless and tired.

Snapping and being short with your colleagues are getting worse, and you are unsure why this is happening.

You feel restless and don’t sleep well. At this point, you need to learn some coping skills to get back on track.

BK Therapy Services can help with your anxiety.

We worked with Thomas to identify the sources of his anxiety and what circumstances caused those negative feelings.

Then, we used a combination of approaches to help Thomas overcome those feelings of inadequacy.

Thomas is glad he decided to schedule an appointment with us, and we are certainly happy that he did.

Don’t let anxiety rule your life. Be like Thomas and contact us.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.